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For many cities, it is of great importance to promote public transportation as a favorable commuting alternative and to attract more rides in their transit systems. To achieve this, it is essential to present a secure environment for both passengers and staff.

Based on information from Axis Communications


  • Public Transit ridership is its highest level in five decades (since 1959)
  • Public transportation ridership grew 34 percent from 1995 through 2009, more than twice the growth rate of the U.S. population (15 percent) and substantially more than the growth for vehicle miles of travel (VMT) on our nation’s streets and highways (23 percent) over the same period.
  • In 2009 there were almost 8,000 different organizations providing public transportation services that spent $55.2 billion for service provisions and capital investments.

Based on information from the APTA 2011 Fact Book

Opportunities in IP Video

Implementing the proper network camera system can help transit authorities, operators and infrastructure owners to meet their surveillance goals. They benefit from a safer and more secure transportation environment; less vandalism, violence and fraudulent insurance claims; real time access to live and recorded images in HDTV quality and future-proof, flexible surveillance solutions. IP Video cameras can be used for onboard surveillance, surveillance of stations and depots, as well as monitoring road & rail infrastructures.

Based on information from Axis Communications

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Opportunities in IP Networking

UNISOL International distributes wireless IP networking equipment that allows for virtually an unlimited amount of network cameras to transmit high-resolution, real-time video from challenging railways, underground tunnels, busy city streets and more. High performance radios can aggregate the video transmission to central surveillance offices in an effortless and cost-effective way.

Based on information from Proxim Wireless

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Opportunities in IP Access Control

Endeavoring to prevent terrorist attacks and protect the global transportation network, airport and transportation security must be vigilant, effective and efficient. UNISOL International carries a wide variety of products from manufacturer such as HID Global and Suprema that are in use at many of the world’s busiest international ports.

Every port and transportation facility has a unique set of requirements, from the use of multiple types of credentials on one reader to reader that are designed to match the level of security risk, adding PIN and biometric verification. Facility designers are challenged to establish multiple layers of access control into restricted areas while providing a flexible solution that is convenient enough to accommodate large volumes of users.

Based on information from HID Global

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