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The manufacturing sector comprises establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products.

Establishments in the Manufacturing sector normally used power-driven machines, materials-handling equipment, raw materials and goods – all of which can be very valuable and attractive to lurking thieves. It is imperative that manufacturing companies implement an effective and efficient surveillance and security system that can help protect the company property and assets.

Based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Axis Communications


Opportunities in IP Video


Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities can benefit from capabilities such as automatic alerts when someone enters the perimeter or a restricted area, night-vision and thermal images, HDTV-quality video images with exceptional levels of details, real-time access to live and recorded images as well as easy-to install, outdoor-ready cameras.

Companies can increase productivity and overall production efficiency with the use of network video. The internet connection allows users to remotely monitor manufacturing lines and processes, instantly detect and respond to incidents, provide remote troubleshooting and maintenance support, evaluate incidents without contaminating the process area and having an extra set of “eyes” when managing production lines.

Based on information from Axis Communications

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Opportunities in IP Networking


With today’s ever-increasing demand for high-bandwidth data and low-latency VoIP applications, industrial corporations have a growing need to bridge network connectivity amongst multiple buildings and sites. Within a manufacturing campus, across the street or across town, companies are finding that wireless links offer fiber-equivalent capacity, reliability and security, without the costs and delays often associated with inter-building fiber optic cable deployments.

The ability to deploy full GigE speed wireless connections allows companies to centralize servers within a single facility, reducing costs and simplifying server management. GigE wireless links also allow companies to connect to network operator fiber backbones, making it possible to outsource applications and provide offsite backup, while still running at full GigE LAN speeds.

Based on information from Bridgewave Communications

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Opportunities in IP Access Control


Many production facilities contain sensitive, toxic and very dangerous materials and chemicals that need to be stored and protected from non-experienced handlers. Restricted areas need to be properly monitored as does time and attendance of the workers. UNISOL International can provide you with IP solutions from some of the leading access control and time and attendance management equipment manufacturers.

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