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The retail industry in the United States is a $4.3 trillion industry that accounts for approximately two-thirds of the U.S. gross domestic products (GDP). Store retailers that operate from a fixed location designed to attract a high volume of walk-in customers normally attract a high-volume of thieves as well. An effective and efficient security and surveillance system can help to greatly reduce theft and properly investigate such cases when they do occur. UNISOL International has the surveillance solutions needed to protect inventory and monitor store environments as well other technology that can help promote sale of merchandise.

Opportunities in IP Video

Implementing the proper surveillance system in a retail establishment can help improve profitability, significantly reduce shrinkage, improve staff security and at the same provide insight on customers that can help the operation provide better service in the future.

Whether it’s single shop or a chain of malls, network video makes a noticeable improvement to the bottom line. The introduction of network video has revolutionized the way retail professionals work with loss prevention, store optimization, fraud detection, security and customer service. Overall, network video provides a whole new set of tools to reach operational excellence.

Based on information from Axis Communications

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Opportunities in IP Networking

"Initially adopted as a method of increasing productivity in warehouse and storage areas, wireless networking is emerging as a critical component in the retail business. Having been one of the earliest adopters of the technology, retail enterprises have gained tremendous understanding of wireless networking and are now using it to transform how they buy and sell products, service customers, and conduct their day to day business.

Aberdeen's 2004 research revealed that just as the foundation of a house is intrinsic to its value, real-time networking (wired and wireless), as the foundation of real-time communication, is intrinsic to the value of the retail enterprise. In today's world, when the in-store experience is critical to capturing the hearts and minds of consumers, mobility services built upon a pervasive, reliable wireless network have become the underpinning of most customer-facing initiatives to drive incremental sales and revenue growth results, and are the foundation of programs to reduce costs and increase profits. Cisco® Wireless LAN Mobility Services allow retail enterprises to gain business benefits from more informed customer-employee interactions, up-to-date inventory and sales information, and the ability to analyze store and employee performance more rapidly, all while ensuring intellectual property and proprietary information is protected"

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Opportunities in IP Media Equipment

UNISOL International features the entire line of LG products which includes Digital Signage, Commercial TV’s, Digital Media players, Video Walls and much more. Retail operations can benefit from presenting information and product advertisements in a versatile and attractive manner. Many sizes and technology levels are available to fit the needs of any business while some equipment comes with its very own software to make promotional design and presentation a breeze.

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