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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there were a total of about 5,600 robberies, burglaries and larcenies committed in 2010 between commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions and armored companies. As if this wasn’t enough reason to outfit a financial institution with cutting-edge security equipment, they also have to worry about thefts committed by employees and making sure their clients are satisfied.


Opportunities in IP Video


Video surveillance is not only about improving protection against robberies, but also about providing a secure environment for the staff and customers – anywhere from the parking lot to the vaults.

A network video solution offers a scalable surveillance platform, enabling banks to create future-proof, flexible and cost-efficient surveillance systems; monitor multiple branches from a central or mobile location, and rapidly verify and respond to alarms; capture HDTV quality video of all incidents, thus shortening investigation times; and stay one step ahead of violence and fraud.

Based on information from Axis Communications

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Opportunities in IP Networking


Wireless networking products enable financial institutions to easily connect a network of branches for data, video, voice and wireless communication, allowing for quicker responses to disasters, more secure communications and better customer service.

Going wireless also allows for greater cost savings in network setup, employee mobility and the same security found in hard wired networks.

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Opportunities in IP Access Control


“Guarding against the ever-present danger of security breaches that could harm both personnel and invaluable IT networks is a primary concern for leaders in the financial services industry. The first step in protecting people and information is controlling physical access to offices and buildings through authorized credential checkpoints. Delivering multiple layers of protection, a system may have to account for employees, visitors and other tenants. A security solution may have to be operational 24/7/365 and handle multiple global formats. “ – HID Global

Today's centralized solutions not only control physical entry to buildings, but are also able to integrate logical access to the computer network. UNISOL International distributes advanced technology solutions from the trusted leaders in access control and time and attendance management equipment.

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