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Optimize your viewing experience with dynamic picture quality

Reliable yet price-competitive, Samsung’s robust UDC-B Series displays enable businesses to convey their messages through superb picture quality and vivid color accuracy, 24/7.

Samsung’s robust and reliable UDC-B LFD Series displays enable businesses to convey their messages with vivid color accuracy, 24/7. Providing a near-seamless canvas with a super narrow bezel (5.5 mm), this surprisingly affordable display system provides consistently brilliant imagery and excellent color across all units in the video wall. Drawing on Samsung’s flexible range of in-house software, you can use the embedded display solution of your choice to deliver your content in the way that suits your business model best. For even greater impact, creative video wall configurations will draw customers’ attention. To maximize this, retailers and entertainment venues may choose to implement a more artistic configuration, while control centers and corporations may choose to use a more standard video wall layout.. Regardless of setup, your message will reach its target audience on a bright, sleek, energy-efficient video wall.

Diagonal Size 46"

Super narrow bezel (Bezel to bezel : 5.5mm) Maximizes display effectiveness while minimizing viewing distractions
Full HD resolution for all display units Advanced color management technology results in excellent color fidelity
Auto source-switching and recovery Automatically changes the display from one content source to another when the original source fails.

Deliver your message in Full High Definition with minimal distractions

With super-narrow bezels of just 5.5 mm (0.22 in.), UDC-B Series displays create a near-seamless viewing experience for vivid digital images and messaging, helping audiences absorb your message with minimal distraction. The slender depth of the displays makes the video wall easily adaptable to various environments. The displays also include an anti-glare panel with an 11 percent haze level, which reduces light scatter and dazzling for enhanced readability. The brilliant image projected in a brightness of 450 cd with Samsung’s direct LED (d-LED) BLU (backlight unit) technology will capture your audience’s attention with its immersive quality.

Impress viewers with the color uniformity across all screens

Deliver your messages in consistently accurate color across multiple displays with Samsung UDC-B Series displays. The displays undergo a meticulous factory color calibration process, ensuring accurate color without image distortion without the need for manual calibration. The improved factory color-tuning for white balancing and color difference compensation ensure that the displays present image in uniform color with color temperature matching.

Display clear messages, 24/7

D-LED technology featured in UDC-B Series displays not only projects your message in brilliant picture quality with vivid and uniform color definition, it also reduces your energy costs. Consuming less power on average compared with conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) LFDs, d-LED displays generate less heat, making them more comfortable to be around. UDC-B Series displays are also exceptionally durable, designed to operate 24/7. With a standard 3-year warranty, safely run your video wall knowing that it’s backed by Samsung.

Keep your message playing with automatic source switching

The Auto Source Switching feature of UDC-B Series displays maintains virtually constant and seamless content display. This feature automatically changes the display from one content source to another when the original source fails. Source recovery enables a content source to be used as a backup for ongoing play when another source is unavailable. This flexibility ensures that your business content remains available when you need it.

Present varied content with an optional PC module

Play content from a variety of sources with the optional Setback Box-C (SBB-C). Added to a UDC-B Series display, the SBB-C shows specific business content and provides powerful PC functions to deliver on-target messages. To change the content displayed, you simply replace the SBB-C in individual displays or a control display. The control display then transmits the message to the other displays in the video wall. If you opt for an SBB-C in each display, you gain incredible flexibility in delivering multiple messages over your video wall.

Manage content on a video wall of up to 10 x 10 displays with ease

Conveniently manage an impressive video wall of up to 10 x 10 displays with Digital Visual Interface (DVI) loop out and flexible RJ45 and RS-232C connectivity options. Using the DVI loop out, you can share content shown on a single display with adjoining displays in your video wall. Instead of manually programming each unit in the video wall, you can remotely control content on UDC-B Series displays. This innate connectivity eliminates the need for you to purchase separate video signal distributors for each display, reducing equipment costs. Easily change your message as often as needed to support your business and to reach your target audience.

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Specification Sheet

2015 Samsung Video Wall Solutions Catalog

Samsung Color Expert Technology for Video Wall Displays

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