Milestone Milestone Husky™ M30 Hybrid


Milestone Husky M30 Hybrid

•  Integrated encoder with hardware licenses included
•  16 channels + 4 IP devices
•  4TB storage / 8GB RAM / i5 processor
•  Milestone Husky M30 standard features included

The analog to IP shift
Many recognize the need to transition all-inclusive analog installations to digital solutions to gain
advantages in image quality, remote accessibilities, improved scalability and integration capabilities.

Benefit from fully-integrated IP solutions:
•  Add high-resolution, megapixel cameras for superior image quality
•  Upgrade to IP cameras one at a time
•  Share a common, easy-to-install video management software (VMS)
•  Get on-the-go remote access to video for fast response
•  Seamlessly control of external systems such as alarms
•  Optimize video storage on redundant servers or in separate locations
•  Integrate third-party software such as video analytics

Gain the IP advantage with Milestone Husky Hybrid

Milestone Husky Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs) provide multiple ways to eortlessly and cost-eciently move from a closed system to a fully-integrated IP system. Milestone Husky Hybrid NVRs make the transition to IP more aordable and flexible since they are conveniently preinstalled with encoders, the devices needed to convert analog video into a digital stream. With preinstalled encoders for analog cameras and channels for IP devices,  customers can reduce up-front costs by reusing their existing analog cameras and adding IP cameras over time.

The Milestone Husky Hybrid Series oers you a premium solution that keeps you on budget

•  Lower licensing costs: Includes all IP device licenses and the analog-to-IP encoder license (only one encoder license is needed regardless of the number of analog cameras attached to the encoder)
•  Future-proof: Add-on licensing is available so IP cameras can be added to any Milestone Husky Hybrid base configuration; and the open platform software enables compatibility with products from multiple vendors
•  Completely customizable: With over 50 dierent options such as processing power, storage and memory, each NVR is customized to meet specific demands
•  Optimized performance: Each state-of-the-art Milestone Husky Hybrid NVR is preinstalled with the latest Milestone award-winning VMS and preconfigured for seamless operations
•  Simplified installation: Eortless set-up with automatic camera detection and preinstalled mobile server so video can be viewed in minutes, even from smartphones and tablets
•  Scalable: Use one Milestone Husky Hybrid NVR as a standalone or use Milestone Interconnect™ to connect multiple models and manage them remotely with XProtect® Corporate


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