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By Alberto Jessurun / January 27, 2021 / Blog

5 Ways to Engage Workers With Digital Signage

Digital signage isn’t reserved for advertising alone. Start engaging your employees with digital signage in the workplace in these 5 effective ways. 

Companies should always be looking for new ways to engage and excite employees. Gallup research found that 85% of employees around the globe are not engaged or, worse, feel actively disengaged in the workplace. They also found that businesses in the top quartile of engagement had higher productivity and profitability with lower employee turnover. 

Needless to say, companies of all sizes must focus on employee engagement to keep the business moving forward.

Digital signage has become a powerful way to engage workers in new and exciting ways. The technology opens up opportunities beyond advertising that can be used internally to improve workplace culture, help train workers, and showcase accomplishments. 

We’ll be covering these five ways that digital signage can boost employee engagement:

  • Company-wide announcements and alerts
  • Employee recognition
  • Personalization
  • Data dashboards
  • Onboarding and training

1. Company-wide announcements and alerts

One effective use of digital signage in the workplace is to display announcements and alerts to everyone in the company. Digital displays around the office and in shared workspaces might show company news, highlight customer success stories, and deliver other moment-to-moment information for employees. 

In the event of an emergency, digital signs can alert everyone immediately to the situation and the safety protocols they need to follow. Companies can easily use these tools in emergency drills as well, so employees become familiar with the system.

2. Employee recognition

Recognizing employees for their effort and accomplishments leads to greater productivity and job satisfaction. One study showed that 37% of employees said they’d be encouraged to produce better work more frequently with more personal recognition. 

Digital signage can become part of that process for your business. When a team or individual employee reaches a goal or goes above and beyond, share their success publicly via your digital displays. Other employees will start striving to reach that same level of recognition, boosting engagement even more.

Another idea is to use digital signage in company-wide meetings. Display questions sent in advance from employees and take time to present helpful answers and information. This will show workers you’re taking their concerns seriously and took time to create thoughtful responses.

3. Personalization

We know from using digital signage in advertising that messages can be personalized in the moment to accommodate certain customers and their specific tastes and desires. This requires using dynamic content that updates and responds to what customers are doing based on details like facial expression, age, or gender detected via AI and facial recognition technology.

Similar tactics can be used in the workplace. For example, certain displays might be placed where only one team will see them, so you can send relevant news or welcome messages to those employees. Digital signage will quickly become a way to make employees feel appreciated and understood with more personal messaging from the company. 

4. Data dashboards

Each team has its own key performance metrics (KPIs) to track and analyze. Displaying data in a digital dashboard allows workers to interact with it in real time. Team members will stay on the same page and identify areas that need improvement. Dashboards can become more interactive and dynamic so employees will be able to customize the information.

Using digital signage to display key business metrics will also improve employee engagement and help employees define and reach goals more easily. 

5. Onboarding and training

Displaying content digitally around the workplace also has training benefits. For new employees, presenting information about the company, employee expectations, and job responsibilities will help them grasp the information quickly and effectively. Include videos, images, FAQ pages, and even interactive content to engage new hires.

Any training experience across the company can be improved with digital signage. Include lively content in a format that employees can interact with and be inspired by the information. These experiences can entertain while educating, helping trainees retain the information. 

Finding the right digital signage solutions

The benefits of digital signage in the workplace are clear: Employees stay connected, informed, and inspired with the right displays. 

If you’re ready to take advantage of this technology for internal business use, contact Unisol International to learn about our digital signage solutions. Our team is happy to share our expertise so we can work together on the right product integrations. We specialize in product distribution across industries like transportation, healthcare, industrial, venues, and many more.

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