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By Alberto Jessurun / October 21, 2020 / Blog

7 Benefits of Mobile Access Control

Mobile access control offers innovation, convenience, and so much more. Here is what you need to know about the security technology of the future.

According to the Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans own cell phones. In 2020, that likely does not come as much of a surprise, but it is still a worthwhile figure to consider compared to the number of Americans who own laptop or desktop computers (75%) and the number of Americans who own tablets (50%). 

The statistics show that cell phones are increasingly used for the same functions that computers might have otherwise filled prior to the smartphone age. Cell phones are not just for calling and texting; they are essentially tiny computers. And with the rise of mobile access control, they act as powerful security devices.

Mobile access control allows people to unlock and lock doors with their phones. There are many types of access control, ranging from standard locks and keys to more sophisticated types of technology like fingerprint access control, facial recognition technology, and even access control measures that are driven by global pandemics, as we have seen during COVID-19 with the rise of access control via temperature checks. 

Mobile access control is one of the most sophisticated and seamless types of security. It is driven by Bluetooth technology, which allows individuals to either tap their screen or hold it up to a sensor. Many types of businesses can benefit from mobile access control. The Bluetooth technology makes it possible for individuals to open doors and gates from close-range or up to approximately 15 feet away. Best of all, features of access control can be customized based on security clearance, time of day, and even the distance a person or vehicle is from a gate.

These are just a few of the many exciting benefits of mobile access control and the Bluetooth technology behind it. Here are six more your company should consider: 

 1. Extra layer of security

Mobile access control grants an extra layer of security thanks to the nature of smartphones themselves. As any smartphone user knows, these devices require a password, a fingerprint, and in many cases facial recognition. One must first bypass the security features a cell phone to access an app that allows for mobile access control. This creates multiple layers of security, which a standard key and a padlock simply cannot match.  

 2. Removes the need for keys, locks, and swipe cards

Speaking of keys and padlocks, one convenient feature of mobile access control is that it reduces the need for — and in many cases, completely eliminates — physical keys, locks, swipe cards, and other devices. There is no need for a business to purchase these, and no need to deal with employees or consumers losing keys and needing replacements.

 3. No need to memorize a passcode

For businesses that are used to dealing with passcodes, implementing mobile access eliminates the need for memorizing this information. This also serves as a security feature, as businesses that are used to changing passcodes after employee termination do not have to do this any longer.  

 4. Customizable control

Mobile access control can be completely customized to help ensure that only individuals meant to get in can actually do so. A business manager can determine who has access, what level of access they have, and when they have it. Security clearances can be granted, updated, and revoked if needed. In some cases, mobile access can even be temporarily given to guests for set periods of time. This also helps management create a digital map of who is on property, which can be used in the event of criminal activity or emergency.   

 5. Saving money and the planet

Implementing mobile access control reduces the need for purchasing locks, key cards and other devices, which is not just convenient for the business, but also for the planet. This is a money-saving maneuver that also demonstrates a commitment towards becoming more eco-friendly by using fewer materials.

 6. Seamless user experience

Mobile access control is very user-friendly. This is a huge benefit to businesses that grant customers the opportunity to use mobile access control — such as storage facilities and apartment complexes. Customers enjoy a great experience, and oftentimes that is accomplished through technology that is simple, effective, and timesaving.

Driving innovation

Much like the access control models that came before it, mobile access control is the technology of the future. Not only is it secure, cost-effective, and user-friendly, it also reflects an ability to innovate. Businesses that use mobile access control are forward thinking, resilient, and prepared for the future. 

For questions about technology solutions, including mobile access control and other security innovations for business of all sizes, contact Unisol International

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