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By Alberto Jessurun / January 15, 2020 / Blog

Can Facial Recognition Make Your Business Safer?

How can artificial intelligence, such as facial recognition technology, help protect your organization from physical and cyber threats?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting businesses worldwide, streamlining processes and improving safety and security strategies. The global AI market is expected to reach $126 billion by 2025, which would be 12-times larger than in 2018.

But physical and cyber threats remain across industries. Protecting employees, networks, and sensitive data is one of the most important considerations for any business. When creating your cybersecurity plan and your physical safety plan, AI solutions can allow you to add the next level of protection you need. This includes more advanced access management techniques, including biometric security tactics such as facial recognition.

How can AI, particularly particular facial recognition software, keep your organization safe from these evolving and increasing threats?

Implementing AI in cybersecurity

AI is helpful to organizations of all kinds in rounding out their cybersecurity strategy. AI technologies can help you track and reveal cyber behaviors that are known to cause security vulnerabilities, detecting risks right away and notifying you. And AI solutions can now evolve and become smarter after analyzing and learning from data that’s been tracked over time — known as machine learning.

This is an improvement from security solutions that need constant human intervention to work. AI provides automation so these notification systems and protections are implemented automatically. And AI can be more accurate and consistent than traditional security systems, meaning the effort you put into security will pay off even more and provide more opportunities for fact-based decision making.

These tools can help your sensitive data stay secure online, protecting the business or institution from costly cyberattacks and hacks. It’s also important to note, however, that as technologies update and more foolproof solutions are developed, the tactics of attackers are becoming more advanced. AI is not only used by the “good guys” — cyber attackers are now using AI to enhance their strategies to get into your network and systems.

The role of facial recognition in site security

Now let’s hone in on one area of AI: facial recognition. This technology can supplement a company’s security plan, which has traditionally included the use of key fobs or badges to gain entry into the office, campus, or work area.

Facial recognition is a form of biometric security based on a person’s physical characteristics. Much like fingerprinting, voice recognition, and iris recognition, facial recognition uses a digital image of a person’s face to complete the identification. A camera takes several photographs of a face and a connected computer then creates a faceprint or a facial signature, that’s stored and used as data in the recognition process.

But facial recognition is also used by law enforcement to compare the subject’s mug shot or driver’s license photo with security photos and videos. The U.S. facial recognition market is expected to reach $7 billion by 2024.

A visitor management system for your hospital, campus, or organization can include facial recognition technology along with other security tactics to further protect the population from unwanted and unknown visitors who may pose a risk to the area. This provides an extra layer of safety that’s needed to round out your strategy.

Other benefits of facial recognition for your safety strategy include:

  • You can use a “blacklist” feature in the software that lets you track a blacklisted person’s location while they are on campus or in the area.
  • It can be more secure than tradition access systems. For example, an intruder could get access to someone’s security badge, but they wouldn’t be able to pass the facial recognition test.
  • It’s automated, so little human intervention is required for authentication.

Facial recognition is still fairly new for businesses, but it could improve your safety and security plan, whether you’re dealing with a college or hospital campus, office, or work area.

Unisol International provides product distribution, IP networking, and telecommunications solutions that help businesses with their cybersecurity and physical security plans. Products include security cameras, servers and storage systems, and security video management software. We help you round out your electronic security strategy while improving your return on investment, and AI is one solution that can better protect your organization.

Contact Unisol today to learn more about the products and services we provide.

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