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By Alberto Jessurun / November 11, 2020 / Blog

Don’t Lose Transparency When Using the Cloud

Shifting to the cloud? A focus on transparency is key to transitioning and profiting effectively. 

The cloud is the new standard. Cloud technology is increasingly desirable to businesses and consumers for a number of reasons. When discussing the multitude of benefits, which include security and ease of use, one reigns supreme: data storage. Unlike older models of data storage which now seem archaic to some enterprises might, the cloud allows data to be stored externally and managed accordingly. 

However, with the rise of cloud technology comes questions of transparency. Too few cloud service providers offer a clear view to those who demand it. Businesses and consumers, as well as concerned citizens, crave knowledge about where data is held, who controls it, cybersecurity conditions, system upgrades, and more. The days of trusting consumers who click “Agree to Terms of Service” without asking questions are over. 

As the cloud becomes the norm, so must transparency. Failing to do so can damage your brand reputation and finances. Here’s a closer look at why cloud transparency matters, how to offer it, and why it can translate to success.

Why cloud transparency matters

Why now? Cloud technology was not invented in 2020, yet it seems like the demand for transparency is more relevant today than it was just last year or a few years ago. The answer is public interest. 

Data is in the news. As a result, consumers are more aware of, and therefore more concerned over, this issue. Public consciousness raises questions about how much privacy individuals should be expected to sacrifice in the interest of the cloud. Customer data has long been used to sell advertisements and inform business decisions, but these practices were often ignored, accepted, or, in the worst cases, hidden.

There’s a steady stream of news stories, documentaries, and congressional hearings about data, privacy, and the cloud. Now, people want to know who owns their data, how long they own it for, and how it’s being used. Companies that use cloud platforms cannot afford to ignore this.

How to offer transparency

Once the desire to offer transparency is understood, the method of doing so is straightforward: Enterprises should have detailed information available to the groups it is relevant to. This can include information about how cloud technology is used, associated revenue streams, information about infrastructure cost, and detailed reports on certifications and standards that are being upheld. 

Be aware that consumers may look for specific standards, such as a promise not to share data with outside parties unless required to do so. Have information and answers ready, and communicate your ongoing commitment to being transparent. 

Listen to concerns

The push towards transparency during the shift to cloud technology is essentially a relationship. In addition to communicating your standards, commitment, and strides towards upholding transparency, it is important to listen to common concerns. These typically include questions about how infrastructure issues are dealt with, how data is managed, new features and upgrades, and where data resides. 

Part of transparency is security

With so many data breaches, security and transparency go hand in hand. Do not treat cloud security and transparency as separate issues, but rather forces that work in tandem: You can’t protect the data you can’t identify. Consumers, vendors and anyone else utilizing cloud technology will want to understand your action plan if a data breach occurs. 

How cloud transparency this translates to business success

The road towards transparency often feels like a difficult one when balancing privacy, revenue and a desire to be open. But the end result is well worth it because consumers and businesses both want to do work with companies that foster trust. 

By focusing on transparency just as much as technological innovation, you create a brand identity that is built on ethics and putting the customer first. Transparency is your responsibility, but the ROI is a positive reputation and more stable business model.

Working with Unisol

Contact Unisol if you have questions about how better technology can lead to a more transparent cloud experience. 

Unisol International has a large online catalog specializing in electronic security, telecommunications, audio/video distribution and turnkey project deployment. We are based in Miami, but ship worldwide. Our products are proudly compliant with trade regulations, and we care very much about finding custom solutions to meet the needs of your enterprise. 

Whether you are early in the transition to cloud technology or enhancing your technology suite, Unisol can help. 

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