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By Alberto Jessurun / March 20, 2024 / Blog

Transforming Consumer Connection: The Influence of Digital Signage in Today’s Market

Unlike traditional signs that blend into the background, digital signage stands out and offers strong ROI for potential clients. Discover how they increase foot traffic, attract prospects, and increase sales.

Key takeaways:
  • Digital signage makes advertising impactful by displaying visually appealing content and increasing engagement.
  • Digital signage helps your business create targeted and personalized ads that boost conversion rates.
  • Next-gen digital signage offers capabilities like touch control and augmented reality to enhance their effectiveness. 
  • After implementing digital signage, measure its effectiveness regularly using metrics like customer feedback and recall rates.
  • Overcoming challenges requires strategic solutions like budgeting, compatibility assessments, and expert content management.
Advertising has evolved. Businesses were once limited to static signs and printed banners to advertise their products and services. They provided a way an advertising platform, but they lacked dynamic interaction and real-time adaptability that modern advertising demands. 

Today, merchants can access digital signage, including interactive menuboards and wayfinding kiosks. Digital signage displays immense effectiveness in enhancing marketing strategies and engaging customers dynamically.

This marketing strategy continues to gain popularity, with recent findings indicating that 80% of consumers enter a store after seeing its digital sign. Therefore, digital signage increases foot traffic and provides an effective means for engaging potential customers and creating a lasting impression.

Continue reading for actionable insights into how your businesses can enhance marketing strategies using digital signage to increase engagement and effectively convey your messages to your target audience.

The visual appeal of digital signage

Digital signage is superior to static graphics, featuring dynamic content that can adapt to meet predetermined conditions. For instance, a restaurant's digital menuboard can change its information and display differing meal options at specified times, like waffles in the morning and bagels at lunch.

Today, merchants have access to high-resolution digital signage. These captivate your prospects and customers with enchanting, life-like content with crisp images and smooth video motion. All this makes digital signage appealing and ideal for capturing audiences with memorable ads. 

Targeting and personalization capabilities

Targeted advertising pairs with higher conversion rates. With this tactic, your ads will be matched to prospects likely to become paying customers, catalyzing optimum results. Digital signage helps you reap maximum benefits from targeted advertising. 

Your business can use digital signage to target messages to specific audiences, using factors like location, behavior, and demographics. For instance, if most young people visit your store in the morning, and older customers arrive in the afternoon, you can program your digital signs with timed content that draws each audience. Personalization is the key to increasing the relevance and effectiveness of ads. Remember, 71% of people prefer customized ads.  

Interactivity and engagement with digital signage

Digital signage solutions capture attention and boost engagement thanks to their diverse interactive features. Touchscreen capabilities allow consumers to interact with displayed information and enjoy customized experiences. With this feature, individuals with poor visibility can zoom text on digital signage for better visibility or switch to text-to-speech delivery.

Another feature is augmented reality. Modern solutions now use AR to superimpose digital elements onto the real world. This feature is incredibly useful in providing shoppers with immersive, next-gen experiences. 

By facilitating interactivity, features like touchscreen and augmented reality enhance customer engagement and position your business to attract prospects and nurture relationships.

Measuring digital signage effectiveness 

Switching to digital signage is a significant investment, and its value becomes apparent when you consistently measure its effectiveness. Regular assessment is crucial to determining digital campaign success and ensure they align with your objectives. Assess the effectiveness of your campaigns with these tools:
  • Feedback and surveys: With interactive digital signage, your audience can take surveys and provide feedback. These insights will enable you to better understand your customers and target campaigns.
  • Viewer engagement:  Specialized software like ScreenCloud allows you to assess viewer engagement by tracking metrics such as the number of people who paused to watch content and their dwell time. 
  • Conversion metrics: You can evaluate campaign effectiveness by calculating the number of people who engage after interacting with your digital signage. Be sure to obtain relevant metrics from digital signage analytics and audience measurement systems.
  • Recall rates: Measuring recall rates can help determine if your digital signage is effective. Contact signage viewers, ask if they remember seeing specific ads, and calculate the percentage of positive responses.

Challenges and considerations

Your organization will likely face  challenges while investing in digital signage, including choosing compatible hardware and setting unclear goals. Implementation will also come with its fair share of hurdles.

For instance, you may fail to employ timely content scheduling or publish irrelevant materials. You may also experience with hardware compatibility and software integration issues. Because digital signage is expensive, you might have trouble covering the initial investment cost and ongoing maintenance. 

But such issues are surmountable. The solutions lie in budgeting extensively beforehand, assessing the compatibility of your existing systems before switching to digital signage, and investing in expert content management. 

Maximize your advertising campaign with digital signage 

Implementing an excellent digital signage solution is the secret to enhancing your advertising campaigns. Your business will be better positioned to leverage visually appealing content, disseminate crucial information, and encourage viewers to take conversion steps.

However, executing this strategy seamlessly can be challenging. That’s where the Unisol team’s experience can help. With a proven track record in crafting successful digital marketing campaigns, we bring extensive experience in strategic planning, implementation, and analytics.

Partnering with us means tapping into a reservoir of knowledge and ensuring that your digital marketing exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to leverage our expertise. 

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