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By Alberto Jessurun / August 19, 2020 / Blog

Linking Personalization and Digital Signage

Digital signage is an effective channel to create better connections with customers in the moment, but the market is moving to personalization. Are you ready for the new technology challenge?

No matter the industry, brands can’t ignore just how important more personalized ad experiences are for their customers. Today’s shoppers want to feel valued, heard, seen, and understood. Brands can create more meaningful connections when focusing on personalization, showing their customers that they care about the person behind the data signal.

Data from Accenture has shown that 83% of consumers will share their data for a more personalized experience. Customers are willing to engage more with a company when they feel like they’ll benefit from a better experience. 

And, brands can reap major benefits when focusing on personalization in their marketing strategies. According to a study from Monetate, 93% of businesses that implemented an advanced personalization strategy saw revenue growth.

As the digital signage market continues to grow and respond to new technologies, personalization is one of the most important factors to consider when creating campaigns. Here’s why personalization matters and how digital signage marketers can incorporate the benefits.

What is personalization?

In the age of social media influencers, Google, and more online shopping than ever before, consumers are faced with a variety of brand interactions and offers on a daily basis, whether from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

A personalized experience from a marketer gives consumers more relevant and timely messaging and information based on data gathered about their browsing history, demographics, past purchases, location, preferences, and more. 

Modern consumers want messages that are both relevant to what they’re shopping for and presented to them at the exact right moment. Marketers are thus tasked with gathering the right data, creating personal ads, and making sure they’re seen when a consumer is ready to buy or convert.

But it’s important to note that today’s customers are warier about the information they’re providing brands because there are so many unknowns on the internet. That’s why transparency is key. According to Accenture’s 2019 Consumer Pulse Survey, 73% of consumers will share more personal information with a brand if they’re transparent about how they’ll use it.

So, how does the need for personalization fit in with digital signage?

Personalization and digital signage

Traditional digital signage campaigns haven’t always had the benefit of integrating a customer’s browsing history or interests in displayed ads. But there are many ways marketers are creating more personalized signs to grab the attention of consumers and inspire them to want to learn more. Digital signage can be just one of many channels within the overall customer journey that offers better, more personal digital experiences.

A great thing about digital signage is its flexibility. Advertisers can control exactly what people are seeing on the screen, and messages can rotate or become interactive, meaning more content can be delivered versus a static advertisement.

The goal with personalized digital signage is to speak directly to customers, just like you would in a digital marketing campaign where users interact with messaging on their mobile devices. This requires a link to the right real-time data.

Connect your digital signage approach to the data you’re already bringing in so you can leverage it across all your channels. As with any outlet, you’ll need to have the right data gathering and analysis tools in place to get the right information, display data in digestible dashboards, and create metrics to help you track success.

Smarter processes need to be put in place to achieve optimal, up-to-the-minute data for more personalized signs. For example, facial recognition techniques are being used by many companies, which help you detect a person’s age, gender, facial expressions, and more. This information can change the content being displayed on digital signs to fit the viewer.

Adding interactivity to your signs

To take personalization even further, use interactive digital signage, where a shopper can tap the screen and view the products they’re interested in or change their preferences. An example is the self-service touchscreens that have been used by fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s to let customers place whatever order they want without having to deal with an employee or a long wait. This kind of experience helps customers feel like they’re in control and getting what they really want.

Personalization is changing the way advertisers approach their campaigns, and digital signage is no exception. More and more retailers and business owners are investing in digital signage that incorporates the latest in data technology and analysis to put the right messages in front of the right people while they’re in the physical store or even just passing by. These kinds of ads help in-person retailers keep up with the surge in online shopping.

Unisol International offers digital signage solutions for industries ranging from healthcare to retail to transportation and many more. We understand how important it is to communicate with your customers in more meaningful, instantaneous ways.

Contact Unisol to learn more about our advanced technology solutions, products, and services and how your business could add personalization to its digital signage toolkit.

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