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By Alberto Jessurun / October 7, 2020 / Blog

Is Your Digital Signage Campaign Working? Here’s How to Tell

5 key metrics to measure the success, failure, and ROI of your digital signage investments.

When it comes to the way consumers engage with advertising and content in-person, digital signage has a massive footprint in markets all around the world. Digital signs can be flashy, customizable — they can even be interactive. 

In the modern era, digital signage is the technology-driven answer to a simple billboard. For businesses that have embraced this marketing tool, it should come as no surprise that the digital signage market is poised to reach 31.71 billion dollars by 2025. The technology has evolved to offer larger screens, crisp imagery thanks to 4K technology, energy-saving hardware, and other modern features. It is exciting to consider how this space will continue to innovate.

In addition to being a marketing tool, digital signage is an investment. You need to consider ROI (return on investment) when implementing and installing a digital signage strategy. The investments include hardware, software, maintenance, infrastructure, and, of course, the price of creating content and executing a marketing strategy. Any responsible business needs to evaluate these costs against how the digital signage benefits your company. 

Calculating the ROI of digital signage is not as simple as looking at a profit and loss statement. You must be able to measure several unique metrics against a quantitative goal. 

First, know your goal

To figure out the ROI on digital signage, you must first determine the goal of your efforts. What do you want your digital signage to drive? Would you like to increase sales overall or on a specific promotion? Do you want more brand awareness? More social media engagement? Are you eager for increased online sales or more foot traffic in a store? 

Identify the objectives, then craft a digital signage campaign to achieve them and use those specific standards to determine effectiveness. 

Now that we have talked a little about setting a clear goal, we will discuss five metrics you can use to measure ROI on your digital signage campaign relating to those goals.

 1. Look at interactions

Digital signage is effective when people interact with it — but how does a business measure interaction? One way is to implement digital signage that is designed for interaction. Not only should individuals stop to look at your digital signs, they should engage with them on some other level. 

Examples of digital signage interaction could be a touch screen, voice activation, or motion detection. These tools create a more customized, engaging experience that draws consumers in. This also allows you to tap into data and determine how many people interact with your digital signage campaign. You can use that data to learn about customer behavior and make smarter, data-driven business decisions. 

 2. Consider time spent on engagement

Consumers should not only interact with your digital signage; they should interact with it for long enough to understand your message. Measure the amount of time it should take the average consumer to digest the content. Next, weigh that against the amount of time people are spending with it. This can give you key insight into whether your messaging is effective or needs to be retooled for a more successful digital signage campaign. 

 3. Measure volume of individuals 

How many people engage with your digital signage? In addition to measuring interaction, behavior, and time spent, look at your campaign as a numbers game: It takes X interactions at Y levels of engagement to drive Z actions. Calculating this level of return will teach you valuable lessons about the placement of your signage, especially in relation to the demographics you are hoping to attract.

 4. Conduct surveys

One simple way to measure the ROI of your digital signage is by asking your customers. This can be done through surveys. 

Surveys can be delivered via social media, email, text message, or in-person when a customer enters your business. Simply asking customers where they heard of your business (or the particular product or promotion you are eager to get eyes on), you can gain powerful insight into how large of a role digital signage is playing in your business. 

Be aware that some survey methods may require an opt-in. If you struggle getting customers to voluntarily take surveys, consider offering incentives such as entering customers into a drawing to win prizes. 

 5. Invest in great products

At the end of the day, your digital signage is only as powerful as the technology that drives it. At Unisol International, you will find the products you need to take your ideas and your business to the next level. Unisol is a Miami-based company specializing in professional equipment and project development. We ship worldwide and have an extensive online catalog. Consider us the first crucial step towards dipping your toe in the exciting world of digital signage. 

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