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By Alberto Jessurun / July 21, 2021 / Blog

8 Parking Video Surveillance Trends on the Rise

Upgrades to video surveillance technology mean safer, smarter parking experiences for businesses and consumers alike.

Whether it’s a grocery store, a hotel, a corporate office, an event venue, or something else entirely, parking is an important part of the experience. When parking their cars, people look for convenience, availability, affordability, ease of entry and exit, and, perhaps most importantly, security. Believe it or not, the latest parking video surveillance trends can apply to all of the above.

As video surveillance evolves as a whole, parking — a crucial yet oft-overlooked amenity — can be improved drastically. Even though a person’s mind might be on the business they are patronizing or the meeting they are running late for, the parking lot is a key part of their experience at that location and with the businesses there. Parking lot video surveillance plays a huge role in making that experience secure and user-friendly. 

Why does video surveillance matter in a parking area?
  1. It helps prevent vehicle theft
  2. aids in recovery vehicles that are stolen (or catalytic converter theft, which is on the rise)
  3. Reduces liability for the business(es) at that location
  4. Keeps people safe
  5. Helps recoup lost revenue by catching individuals who should not be parking in designated areas
In this article, we will take a look at eight emerging and existing video surveillance trends to be aware of as they relate to parking access, payment, and security: 
  • Ticketless parking
  • License plate readers
  • Lot cops
  • IP over CCTV
  • Higher resolution
  • Better low-light capabilities
  • Cameras that weather the weather
  • Facial recognition

1. Ticketless parking

Ticketless parking presents one of the most exciting new features changing the parking experience for the better. 

Ticketless parking uses an automatic license plate reading (ALPR) camera to recognize license plate numbers in tandem with an app that allows customers to buy a parking pass that permits them to enter and exit the area. This technology eliminates meters, offers a cashless system, reduces the need for parking lot attendants, eliminates paper waste, and gets rid of bulky, outdated machines. It also improves the flow of traffic, reduces the cost for the operator, and is a huge draw for customers who no longer have to worry about having cash or losing paper tickets. 

One thing to note: Businesses that offer this system may still want to have a few meters or a parking lot attendant to make the parking area accessible to people without smartphones or who prefer cash.

2. License plate readers

License plate readers (often called LPR) are a key part of the aforementioned ticketless parking system. This video surveillance technology can also be used to identify license plates in order to facilitate access control. This allows a remote operator to deny or allow access based on license plate number, restrict certain vehicles, and identify missing or suspicious vehicles. 

3. Lot cops

Anyone who has been to a Walmart lately has likely seen lot cops. These are solar-powered cameras fixed to poles that feature 360-degree views of the area along with speakers and lights. They are able to record and zoom in via a cloud-based platform. They have gained prominence due to complaints about security cameras in large parking areas not having a long enough reach.

4. IP over CCTV

As video surveillance modernizes, old-fashioned CCTV cameras are going out of style in favor of IP cameras. CCTV cameras broadcast closed-circuit footage to a recording device that is monitored by security personnel. An IP camera, on the other hand, uses an ethernet system with few cables that allows footage to be accessed remotely.

5. Higher resolution

One frequent complaint about video surveillance in parking areas is the quality of the cameras. When reviewing grainy footage, it is can be difficult to identify important details. Fortunately, surveillance cameras are evolving to allow for higher resolutions plus the ability to detect faces, read license plates, zoom in, and even use motion sensors to trigger recording. Cameras with a resolution of up to 1080p make it possible for this footage to be incredibly detailed and informative.

6. Better low-light capabilities

Another frequent complaint about video surveillance in parking areas is poor image quality in low light. Fortunately, this is another area that is trending in favor of better quality. Look for night vision cameras equipped with IR LEDs, which provide vastly superior night vision capabilities compared to previous technologies.

7. Cameras that weather the weather

It is essential that any surveillance camera in an outdoor space, such as a parking lot, is able to withstand changing weather patterns. Today’s video surveillance systems are able to sustain water, snow, wind, rain, heat, and cold. This is essential in ensuring that there are no interruptions or quality issues in video, no matter what the weather has in store.

8. Facial recognition

Facial recognition is growing in usage — not just by law enforcement officers but by private companies and citizens as well. The market is expected to reach $7 billion by 2024. Facial recognition works by mapping an individuals’ physical features in order to identify them. This data is used for access control and crime prevention. It is likely to be a key trend in parking video surveillance.

Unisol International

No matter what size parking structure you are looking to secure, video surveillance is an important tool to moving towards your goal. Whether you are interested in using video surveillance alongside ticketless parking or you simply want a better safety solution than your current camera offers, Unisol International can help you find the best fit. View our robust online catalog and enjoy global shipping. Find out more by contacting Unisol International.

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