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By Alberto Jessurun / June 29, 2022 / Blog

Digital Signage and Video Make a Perfect Pair

Video makes digital signage stand out. Here are tips on using video to your brand’s advantage.

Key Takeaways:
  • Public preference favors video marketing
  • Images beat text and/or audio for engagement and recall
  • Short audience attention spans require focused and brief videos
  • Digital video signs can overcome loss of message issues suffered in noisy locations
  • Major brands and industry insiders are turning to funnier videos to reach customers
Many businesses invest in digital signs to raise public awareness of their brands. This doesn’t automatically translate to success. Earning the desired ROI requires reviewing your signage strategy and where it needs help.

Our earlier blog highlighted five key signage metrics businesses can use to understand their campaigns’ effectiveness. These include measuring customer interactivity, recording how long viewers spend engaging with the signs, and conducting surveys for deeper data.

incorporating video could positively impact your sign(s). Our guide will explain why digital signage and video are ideal partners, and how Unisol International can make it work for your business.

Your audience wants video

Public opinion in the age of social media is clear: dynamic imagery motivates consumers. Small Biz Genius highlights how “69% of people prefer video over text when learning about products or services,” with YouTube generating more than 500 million hours (about 57,000 years) of videos watched daily.

This translates favorably to digital signage. People are oriented to seek out and pay attention to videos in their daily lives, meaning any digital signs incorporating them draw viewers. 

This is based on the “picture superiority effect.” Over a period of several days, human memory retains only 10% of the information it receives as text or audio. This jumps to 65% retention if audio and/or text pairs with images. An online infographic from Entrepreneur noted more statistics underlining the power of images in audience engagement:
  • The human brain is inclined to process visuals
  • Visual data provides 90% of information transmitted to the brain
  • Graphic stimuli process 60,000 times faster than text
The brevity of the modern consumer’s attention span came first on our list of considerations to get Millennials and Gen Z viewers connected to your signage. We covered how pictures can connect far more quickly, and that both demographics love advertising that tells stories.

Adding moving images that tell stories, which are processed in microseconds, can help your business maximize modern audiences’ very narrow awareness window. It can also improve the odds of building emotional connections.

How to incorporate video into your digital signage

Pairing digital signage and video makes a strong impact. It’s also a delicate balance. Too much or too little of certain elements prevent the desired result. Keep these tips in mind when crafting visual content:

1. Make the video work with or without sound

Videos designed with an auditorily-challenged audience in mind are more likely to succeed. This is because digital signs don’t always exist within quiet environments. Signs placed near roads, in bus or train stations, or within busy retail hubs could have the sound muted amid a noisy environment. The viewer may also be listening to music or a podcast through headphones. Video allows businesses to communicate everything the audience needs to know in an engaging and eye-catching manner.

2. Make the video simple

Digital signs are already bold and bright (and often big); don’t focus on creating flashy videos with advanced graphics or clever effects. Add enough motion and color to present messages in an attractive, uncluttered way with clear, comprehensible visuals. Finding the best colors for advertising your product or service can help in quickly reinforce your brand identity, influence impulse buys, or even coax the audience into feeling hungry.

3. Short videos go a long way

Videos grab attention quickly; don’t waste that connection. Make your message succinct and easy to remember by sticking to the key product or service features. Your video should also quickly cover any customer pain points that working with/buying from you would solve.

4. Lighthearted video content could increase customer engagement

The brief period you have to make an impression has to trigger an emotional response. Comedy can have a positive effect on advertising for both the business and the customer. It costs nothing to make people laugh, and the audience is always glad for an opportunity to smile.

Psychological studies have shown that video humor aids in recall for those feeling neutral or downcast under research conditions. Humorous images, combined with text, could make your message more memorable. These study results, considered alongside recent global-health events, could make 2022 the perfect year to add funny videos to your digital signage.

Peter Adams reported for Marketing Dive that lighthearted advertising and “a swing back to broader cracks at humor” are influencing video content created by many major brands. The long depression the pandemic caused, with its many negative effects, has left the public in need of video content that’s escapist and uplifting.

Find signage that works with Unisol International

Understanding digital signs’ scientific and social aspects helps you create engaging and memorable content. Using the right technology for your campaign delivers that message successfully.

Our expert team helps businesses create and implement their digital-signage strategy from the ground up. We offer advice on the best equipment and products to meet your needs, and provide project design and management to keep things on track. Contact Unisol International to learn more about how we can make digital signage and video work for you.

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