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By Alberto Jessurun / May 18, 2022 / Blog

How Digital Signage Solutions Give Consumers More Control

Consumers around the globe want one thing: control. This is why brands are improving in-store experiences with digital signage and interactive features. Learn more about how it works.

Key Takeaways: 
  • In-store apps for better experiences
  • Connecting in-person interactions with social media
  • Improving waiting areas with interactive experiences
  • Avoiding long lines with user-friendly kiosks
  • Gathering more insights about consumer behavior
Today’s consumers want to have more control when they interact with their favorite brands, both in-person and online. They don’t want to deal with long lines or wait times, and they want information in an instant. 

It’s important for brands to take these changing references to heart. Studies show that 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, and 49% of consumers have made an impulse purchase after getting a more personalized experience.

Digital signage trends have been changing to meet these demands. The pandemic also changed the way businesses are using digital signage, helping to promote contact-free experiences, streamline in-store services, and engage people in times of uncertainty.

This post will cover all the ways new digital signage solutions are putting consumers in the driver’s seat.

In-store apps for better experiences

Consumers are using apps more than ever before. They bring their smartphones with them to retail stores and can search for products on their devices to find the exact location in the store. Other uses include scanning QR codes, searching for coupons, and even checking out completely contact-free. 

Retailers should aim to meet these needs by including digital signage elements, like QR codes posted next to products or to deliver important store information. Many restaurants have implemented QR-code menus that consumers can look through on their devices, or even digital kiosks onsite to put in an order or pay for a product.

These elements make customers feel like they can move at their own pace and cater their in-store experiences to meet their needs and priorities at a given moment. They like having that control over how the interaction unfolds.

Connecting in-store interactions with social media

Brands should consider integrating digital signage with social media. It’s quick and easy to add a hashtag to a promotion that consumers can then use on their platforms. Or, brands can post their social media handles on their digital signs in the store so people can follow the company in an instant.

You can also display posts and comments on your signs that will encourage in-store visitors to find you online, all while increasing your credibility and showing them that you are engaging with people on social media. This boosts your social proof and fosters trust.

There are nearly 4.5 billion people on social media platforms around the globe. Integrating this component will help you reach people and empower them to share information about you with their own followers and networks.

Improving waiting areas with interactive experiences

Customer satisfaction can take a toll when people have to wait a long time for your services. However, digital signage can help you improve their experiences. Provide helpful information about their interests or your brand while they wait.

Another tactic is to incorporate interactive experiences into your digital signage strategy. While people are sitting in the waiting room, engage them with touchscreen questions related to why they’re visiting or display simple games they can play. The right blend of engaging and fun content will help them pass the time, and they’ll feel more in control of those waiting periods and thus less frustrated.

Avoiding long lines with user-friendly kiosks

Digital kiosks are being used by fast-food restaurants, movie theaters, pharmacies, airlines, home stores, and many other businesses. Instead of waiting in long lines to purchase a ticket or look up the status of a prescription, customers can take matters into their own hands and head to a kiosk to find more information. Some stores make it much easier for customers to check out with self-service digital kiosks so they can avoid waiting in line for a representative to help them.

According to a Bouncepad survey, 78% of consumers want businesses they engage with to provide more tech tools onsite, and over 60% prefer self-service tools like digital kiosks.

Gathering more insights about consumer behavior

Today’s digital signage tools can help brands collect consumer data in real-time, which in turn improves the experience for the customer. Digital signs can now track, for example, how long someone spends looking at a sign and what kinds of designs they seem to find most appealing. This information allows the technology to deliver a more personalized experience in the moment, and customers feel more seen and understood by a brand.

Combining these data collection tactics with other strategies further improves engagement. You can display a QR code alongside customized content so customers will click through on their smartphones to continue the experience or conversation. These steps allow for further data collection, creating a win-win for both brands and consumers.

Find the right solution with Unisol International

Digital signage is a must for modern brands. It helps them advertise their products, connect with people in exciting ways, and gather information that allows them to keep improving. 

When you need the right technology strategy and products, turn to Unisol International. We specialize in product distribution and turnkey networking solution deployments to help companies in a range of industries succeed. These markets include healthcare, transportation, retail, finance, government, education, and many more. 

Contact Unisol International to learn more about our products and tech solutions to help you improve your digital signage strategy.

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