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By Alberto Jessurun / April 13, 2022 / Blog

6 Outstanding Digital Signage Statistics

Will all eyes be on you in 2022? They could be if digital signage is part of your strategy.

Key Takeaways:
  • The digital signage market is projected to be worth over $35 billion by 2027
  • Online buying isn’t all-powerful with many shoppers seeking a digital experience in real-world stores
  • Digital signs can improve the relationships between any organization and their audience
  • Healthcare and education can enjoy digital sign benefits equal to those in retail
There couldn’t be a better time to jump aboard if your business doesn’t use digital signs regardless of which sector you operate in, from hotels to healthcare. There’s always something digital screens can do to get your message to your audience more dynamically.

Taking the first steps toward digital is easier than many businesses might think. Digital signage comes with multiple benefits and provides a highly customizable way to stand out from the crowd. This guide will spotlight some of the most impressive digital signage statistics that prove it’s a communication tool worth watching in 2022.

1. A multi-billion-dollar market

Proof of a medium’s effectiveness is always provided by how much businesses invest in it. The digital signage market was worth $23.5 billion in 2021 and is projected to hit $35.4 billion in the next five years. The rising demand for LED video screens, video walls, and the integration of biometrics with digital signage are among the trends driving such impressive growth.

2. It attracts customers and drives sales

Eye-catching, informative visuals and interactivity are two things digital signage can provide and that the public likes to see. Many consumers want a more digitized shopping experience, with 83% believing digital signage would save them time and 80% more willing to visit a store in person if it has digital screens installed.

Such digital signage statistics can also be a boon for retailers. Screens can streamline the customer experience, improve employee performance, and increase profits by providing customer self-service stations and assisted selling that helps staff answer consumer questions more quickly and accurately.

3. Digital signs are personalizing public displays

An article in Digital Signage Today highlighted how the relationship between digital signage and mobile devices is flourishing in 2022, particularly in the events, transport, and retail and dining sectors. It also underscored how digital signs are coming closer to replicating the intimacy and immediacy of an in-person conversation – an engagement factor that so much of social media’s success is built on.

Can onsite digital signs compete with the internet and social media advertising when it comes to that one-on-one sense of public attention? The statistics say they can. Most Americans are blocking internet and social media advertising on their personal devices, thus breaking the company/consumer connection on that digital front.

Onsite digital signs and screens have the advantage of constant visibility in a space where customers are more likely to be receptive to the information since they’ve already chosen to engage with the location in person. You can read our earlier blog for more insight on personalizing digital signage.

4. Digital signs make schools smarter and safer

An increasing number of educational facilities are catching on to the huge positive difference digital signs can make to their students, faculty, and visitors. The ability of signs to transform the educational environment has been making headlines due to the potential for increased student/faculty communication, better wayfinding, and improved management of emergency situations.

Our previous blog expands on this positive potential by examining the further benefits of digital signage for K-12 and colleges, such as improving a site’s environmental profile, boosting the school’s brand identity, and presenting a future-facing image to students and parents.

5. Digital signs create healthier spaces

The healthcare sector has long been aware of the value of digital signs. There’s a high rate of engagement in that industry with 83% of patients looking to digital media to provide information and 7 in 10 hospitals utilizing digital messaging systems.

The obvious benefits are improved wayfaring and provision of important health and safety information. An equally important perk is that digital signs (especially interactive ones) can reduce perceived wait times and alleviate boredom. They can also aid in the retention of information with 75% of visitors retaining important health messages in one study. Digital signs even played a part in lowering readmissions and increasing overall patient satisfaction.

6. Digital signage can reduce employee disengagement

Recent statistics show that 66% of surveyed employees felt disengaged at work with 16% feeling actively disengaged. Employers need to do some key things to lower that statistic, such as increasing employee recognition, creating a more communication-centric culture, and improving how they onboard and train workers to decrease turnover.

Digital signage can help with all of those tasks. Employers can easily showcase an employee and thank them for their efforts on screens across the site. Signs around the workplace can keep employees informed on company news, performance tips, and brand-centric presentations.

These can increase productivity and team spirit due to digital signage’s ability to integrate well with company software programs and social media. One study found that employees who feel noticed and connected to their company’s vision and values can be up to 28% more committed to their job.

What every organization should know to grade their signage strategy

With such digital signage statistics, it’s clear to see how 2022 could become the year of the video sign. More and more companies will be making digital screens part of their plan, which means only those using the medium well will be able to compete effectively.

Every organization can benefit from knowing the signs of a successful digital signage campaign, whether you’re already using them or are ready to start. Those are just some of the tips that Unisol International can provide to help make 2022 your standout year.

Contact the digital signage professionals with any questions

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From engineering and project design to deployment and management, our team can help you implement digital signage, projectors, and video walls. Just contact us to learn more.

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