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Cable reel – 328 ft. (100 meters) bulk clad CAT5e Infrastructure Cable (BBDGe – Copper-clad steel armor)

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Rugged Outdoor Cable is Vital to Network Performance

Cable You Can Trust

Achieving system-level 99.999% availability and high customer satisfaction requires a complete system solution. End-to-end connectivity includes high performance radios, management systems, and proper installation and grounding. Commercial or indoor Ethernet cable is insufficient for wireless broadband applications and can put both your connectivity and reputation at risk. Choose the right cable to deliver

the best connectivity.

Durability: Cable needs to withstand outdoor conditions over the long term, including the following:

* Water ingress

* UV and sunlight exposure

* Rodent activity

* Mechanical wear and abrasion

Performance: Installations need to provide high-capacity connectivity. The solutions must provide:

* Crosstalk protection

* Shielding from EMI and RF interference