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cnReach N500 Antenna Installation Kit with 50 feet cable

Part Number: NB-N500041A-GL

List Price: $349.00

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The cnReach Yagi antennas are available either stand-alone with a two foot lead or with an integrated installation kit. For Yagis purchased with an installation kit, the antenna comes with the following items: – Grounding kit

– Weatherproofing kit

– Bulk-head mount RF surge suppressor

– Extra N-type connector (used in case installer wishes to shorten the 25 or 50 ft. drop cable.

– A two foot jumper cable (N-Type to TNC)

– Zip ties

The omni antenna is available stand-alone. The NB-N500041A-GL installation kit has a fifty foot cable which is compatible with the omni for a more turn-key installation.