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cnVision Client MAXr Radio with 19 dBi Integrated Antenna, IP67, RoW. US power cord

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cnVision Wireless Solutions for Video Surveillance

Wherever you need to put a camera, cnVision makes a connection!


cnVision solutions incorporate the latest encryption technologies and security practices. After all, you simply cannot compromise security when it comes to backhauling mission-critical video.

User security via different login privileges, RADIUS authentication, HTTPS browser access, SSH and 128-bit AES data encryption with proprietary protocol makes cnVision the last thing to worry about in your network.

Reliable Transmission

Losing a critical frame in your video transmission is unacceptable. With a deterministic protocol, high resiliency to interference and a built in packet re-transmission mechanism, cnVision ensures that those critical video frames arrive when they need to. Adapting to changing environments, cnVision can shift gears just like the transmission in a car to ensure reliable delivery of critical video.

ONVIF and Stream Detection Support

With a built-in ONVIF client, cnVision products can detect and display camera hardware models and system information from ONVIF Conformant cameras. Stream detection capability allows viewing of the camera feed from within cnVision clients and future quality of service additions.

Ease of Planning, Discovery and Managing

With a comprehensive set of features under the cnVision Companion App, you can confidently plan your camera deployment and know exactly which cnVision products to choose and what capacity to anticipate. The Discovery component allows you to pre-stage the equipment and perform system maintenance and software upgrades.

Reliability and Flexibility

cnVision comes with a wide rage of hardware choices to incorporate into your CCTV deployment. We offer simple point-to-point solutions as well as hub-and-client based multipoint solutions. From across the parking lot to across town, just about every deployment need is covered.

Reliability ratings supporting both IP55 and IP67 and temperature ratings from -30°C to +60°C and an industry leading 3-year warranty, your mind is at ease with cnVision.

VMS Integration

cnVision Hub & Clients can be integrated into major VMS platforms. Key parameters related to the backhaul link and major events can trigger and display information from the same VMS platform managing the cameras.

24/7 Support

cnVision comes with Cambium Networks support via telephone, email and online forums. For any deployment projects, a real person is available to answer your questions.