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Cold Shrink for 4.3-10 Connectors to 1/4″ or Larger Coaxial Cables, 5″ length

Part Number: SDL-CX-125

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SDL Series High Performance Cold Shrink

Gamma Electronics SDL cold shrink is part of our Tight Seal line of weather protection products. It is a specially formulated pre-expanded silicone rubber shrink tube that does not require heat to shrink. It is supplied expanded over an easily removable plastic cylinder. When the plastic cord is pulled, it allows the silicone tubing to shrink rapidly to seal and protect the connector, while gripping tight around the cable.

This product is extremely resilient. It will seal tight and hold its pressure after aging and exposure. This product holds tight and seals without building up the cable. No foam strips are needed when applied, which makes an easier application and a better seal. When you need a better seal and better protection, use Gamma’s SDL series to protect your connectors and cables.

* Provides Excellent Physical Protection and Moisture Sealing for Telecom Connectors and cables.

* Perfect Application for Remote Radio Unit Connections

* Can be Installed with Less Room than Clam Shell Enclosures Cable Jacket and Sheath Repairs

* Corrosion Protection for Fittings and Couplings

* Protect Connectors from Weather, Moisture, UV, Ozone, Dust and Fungus