802.11ac W2 AP w/CA; 4×4:3; Ext Ant; 2xGbE,

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Eighty percent of companies report problems with radio frequency interference (RFI). CleanAir technology: Provides continual, system-wide discovery without performance impact; Accurately identifies source, location, and scope of interference; Takes automatic action to avoid current and future interference, with full history reportingg. The new CleanAir capable APs are Aironet 3502e, 3501e, 3502i, and 3501i. The e designates External Antenna, the I designates Internal antenna. Both are fully functional next generation 802.11n APs and run on standard 802.3af power. An AP equipped with Cisco CleanAir technology collects information about non-Wi-Fi interference sources, process it and forward to the WLC. The WLC is an integral core part of the CleanAir system. The WLC controls and configures CleanAir capable APs, collects and processes spectrum data and provides it to the WCS and/or the MSE. The WLC provides local user interfaces (GUI and CLI) to configure basic CleanAir features and services and display current spectrum information. – 802.11ac W2 AP w/CA; 4×4:3; Ext Ant; 2xGbE, B Domain

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