Gryphon BT4500, Bluetooth, 2D MP Imager, Wi

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Gryphon 4500: for the first time in the hand-held reader market a scanner offers contactless wireless charging system!

The 4500 Series is equipped with wireless charging system able to definitely solve the #1 failure generator of all the cordless scanners: contact issues! No contacts means no need for contact cleaning or maintenance procedures and so lower TCO.

Vibration response technology is embedded in the Gryphon 45 and provides additional good-read feedback which is very useful in noisy environments and ideal for quiet environments such as libraries, hospitals (bedside patient care), etc.

The powerful long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery (3250 mAh) allows up to 80,000 reads per charge. During the POS Checkout application simulation (10 seconds scanning, 50 seconds stand-by) the scanner reached a remarkable result of 80 hours of continuous operating time using a Bluetooth radio.

Warranty: 3 years. – Gryphon BT4500, Bluetooth, 2D MP Imager, Wireless Charging, Black.

Datalogic GRYPHON 4500 Series Video

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