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PMP450 MicroPOP 5GHz Connectorized AP, Limited to 20 subscribers and 2-mile radius Access Point, ISED

Part Number: C050045A213A

List Price: $1,100.52

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PMP 450 MicroPoP Fixed Wireless Access Point

The Cambium Networks 450 platform adds another tool to more completely connect hard-to-reach subscribers with the affordable MicroPOP Access Point.


* Ultra-wide band radios: 4.9 GHz to 5.925 GHz

* Capable of up to 300 Mbps aggregate in a 40 MHz channel

* Onboard GPS to provide synchronization with network

* Software-defined, purpose-built technology

* Gigabit Ethernet Interface provides the maximum transfer rates to the device

* Limited to 20 Subscribers and 2 miles range, but can be extended to 238 SMs and maximum range via license key

* New System on a Chip (SoC) enhances Packet Processing Power more than 4x that of the original 450 hardware

* Integrates seamlessly with existing 450 platform devices to extend coverage to obstructed or hard-to-reach areas, affordably

* Centralized cloud management using cnMaestro[tm]

* Features fully scheduled deterministic TDD, with low and consistent latency to perform under load

* Available with an omnidirectional or 90º sector antenna, or connectorized