RADWIN 2000 D-Plus Series ODU Connectorized for External Antenna (2x N/F), RW2000/ODU/DP/TC/F54/UNI/EXT, 5GHz, up to 750Mbps net aggregate throughput, factory default 5.4GHz Universal

Part Number: RW-2954-T200

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RADWIN D Plus Point-to-Point Radio – RW2000/ODU/DP/TC/F54/UNI/EXT

RW-2954-T200 is a carrier-class radio that belongs to the RADWIN 2000 D-Plus Series and supports 4.9 to 6 GHz frequency range.

The Radio complies with Universal, FCC/IC, WPC, MII & UBR regulations with a factory default of 5.4 GHz Universal.

RW-2954-T200 delivers up to 750 Mbps throughput.

The radio is connectorized for external antenna (2 x N-type).

Product Highlights

* 750 Mbps Ethernet net throughput

* Long range – Up to 120 km / 75 miles

* Telco-grade, extremely robust in harsh conditions

* Supports intra-site and inter-site synchronization to maximize capacity

* Configurable asymmetric throughput

* Advanced OFDM & MIMO technologies for operation in nLOS/NLOS and dense radio environments