RADWIN 5000 HPMP SU-AIR 500 ODU Subscriber Unit Radio Connectorized for External Antenna, RW5000/SU-Air/5CC5/F58/FCC/EXT, 5GHz up to 500Mbps capacity, FCC. Comes with 24V PoE (RW-9921-1022)

Part Number: RW-5CC5-0A58

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RADWIN Subscriber Units, SU AIR Model RW5000/SU-Air/5CC5/F58/FCC/EXT

RW-5CC5-0A58 is SU AIR Model, subscriber unit that delivers up to 500 Mbps net aggregate throughput and supports Best-Effort service level. Can be used in a P2P configuration.

SU AIR supports 5.1 to 5.8 GHz and complies with FCC/IC & FCC regulations.

Product Highlights

* Up to 500 Mbps net aggregated throughput

* Long range – Up to 40 km / 25 miles

* Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) per HSU

* Exceptional short and constant latency

* Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies

* Robust and reliable operation in harsh conditions, extreme temperatures and non-line-of-sight scenarios

* Ease of operation and maintenance